Business Process Management

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Current / Future State Process Mapping

Why do we need to map our business processes – again? Visually documenting a business process brings forth a clearer understanding of the sequence of steps required to be performed in order to achieve the desired outcome. Now, this may seem trivial to the mention and the first thing that comes to one’s mind is flowcharts, decision boxes or swim lanes. Spice it up with a room full of people who have their own perspective on how it is done currently or how it should be done – you have an issue of crowd control!

Our business process analysts are seasoned professionals who know the art of facilitating process mapping workshops with crisply planned agendas and timelines, validated list of attendees and structured processes to arrive results that exude consensus amongst participants.

Just to be a lot different than the traditional approach, we use an extremely simple approach to capture an activity in a process. It’s a plain rectangular box that defines around it the “When, What, How, Who and Why” for each activity in the process.

This simple common language notation is well received by business users as well as process owners.

Future state process mapping is a mix of alignment with business strategy, leaning out non-value add activities from the current process and implementing compliance and performance measurement parameters into the process. Again, our business process analysts have the necessary background and experience in techniques such as Lean Software Development, Six Sigma, CMMI etc. to recommend best practices in defining future state work flow for business processes.

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