Business Process Management

Nimbus Control

Nimbus Control

As a result of our strategic alliance with Nimbus Partners in the United Kingdom, Namtra delivers trusted and sustainable process improvement using Nimbus Control – an award winning business process management tool.

Nimbus Control is an Enterprise Business Process Improvement solution that allows capturing, managing and deploying operational processes and supporting information to everyone in the organization wherever they are, across the web or on a mobile device, delivered either on premise or as software as a service (SaaS).

Nimbus Control is unique in its ability to involve the whole workforce in business process excellence, so that performance, efficiency and compliance can be easily improved.

The Nimbus Control tool:

  1. Allows easy articulation of the organization’s strategy and definition of how to monitor and manage performance towards those objectives
  2. Helps in process change management – from capturing, agreeing, improving and governing to deploying business processes with a genuine focus on end-user adoption

  3. Enables publishing a single source of the truth and the easiest way for all stakeholders to understand their individual roles, processes and KPI’s
  4. Aligns IT and Business in strategy and execution by supporting enterprise software implementations and underpinning BPM automation initiatives

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