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Business Process Management

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Business Process Management

Striving for that business agility? Not sure where your operational performance is heading? Or maybe it is an issue of process compliance by your folks in the trenches? Look no further. Namtra is here to help. Our team of experienced and certified professionals can jump right into the mix and get your business process to speak the “nimble” language. Our structured approach to BPM employs proven methods, policies, metrics and software tools to help optimize your organization’s activities and processes. We make sure that you get the outcome you wanted in the beginning!

Business Process Management is a discipline focused on improving corporate agility and operational performance in order to achieve a common business goal. This discipline does not equate only to a technology tool or an initiative for business processes. Can BPM involve technology to augment work towards a leaner and nimble organization? Absolutely. But from Namtra’s experience, BPM has a broader connotation on understanding the end-to-end view of a business process, how people use it and where can it be improved in order to yield better, faster and lower cost production – essentially to deliver value to the end customer.

Therefore, we at Namtra consider Business Process Management as a “process” to optimize the business process with a goal to align all aspects of an organization with the wants and needs of clients. Our teams employ structured, proven approaches to identifying critical problems and implement solutions that add value to our clients’ business.

Our BPM services suite includes:

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